1. Can I have 10 minutes of your time in person to present my product to you?
Patterson Veterinary is unable to grant meetings as a first step due to the large number of requests we receive.
2. I want to send you my product submission, but first will Patterson Veterinary sign a non-disclosure agreement?
Patterson does not sign nondisclosure agreements. We simply cannot guarantee that we have not in the past, or aren’t currently working on, an idea/product that is similar to yours. In addition, if you have received the necessary patents for your product, an NDA is not necessary. We suggest that you send us any product information that does not expose your trade secrets.
Key Questions for Product Suppliers
1. How can Patterson gain market share with your product and, at the same time, control the cost of doing business to maximize sales?
2. Who is your direct competition in this market?
3. Who is your indirect competition in this market?
4. What added value does your product have over your competition that can be passed on to our customer?
5. How will your product impact other related products in our offering?