Veterinary Digital Imaging Equipment

See exactly what’s happening with your patients, with digital imaging

Our hand-selected veterinary digital imaging equipment is the most efficient, effective method for diagnosing your patient’s health and medical issues.
Digital imaging helps you diagnose a wide variety of conditions, from bone fractures and tumors to orthopedic and gastrointestinal diseases, heart, lung or nasal issues. Armed with clear images, you’re able to choose the right treatment plan for your patient and communicate it to your client. Over time, these images allow you to better track your treatment’s progress.
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Computed Tomography

Fill the gaps left by 2D radiographs

Imaging on a whole other level – that’s what 3D, 360-degree view can do for your patient diagnostics.
In the videos below, veterinarians share their perspectives on the power and value of the NewTom veterinary CT scanner.
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Get insight during exams and procedures

Our ultrasound products are chosen for quality and value. You also get hands-on, personalized training with experts who care about the success of your practice. No matter the size of your clinic or the level of experience of your team, there is an ultrasound training option that meets your needs.
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Ultrasound accessibility is growing

Patients and practices benefit from easier availability
Ultrasound has become more accessible in the last decade. Machines are smaller and often portable, while prices have decreased and guidance for new users is widely available. With these changes, ultrasound can be found in a variety of clinics, not just in a large-clinic or university setting. Both patients and practices benefit.
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Transform your workflow

We’ve scouted the industry to find the best digital X-ray equipment for the best value. These products are easy to use, take sharp images and come at accessible price points.
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Your most-asked questions about CT

What does advanced digital imaging mean and how can your patients benefit from it? Our National Imaging Specialist, Chris Weaver, breaks it down and covers the most-asked questions he gets from veterinarians interested in CT.

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Six ways digital imaging can better explain a diagnosis

When it comes to better client understanding and treatment plan compliance, show, don’t tell. With digital imaging, it’s easier than ever.

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Three industry factors that have changed teleradiology forever

Learn about the factors that led to the development of teleradiology artificial intelligence as a way to get reports more quickly.

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