Veterinary Medical Assistance Software

Minimize treatment delays

Improve patient care and client satisfaction with fast and accurate diagnoses that let you quickly confirm your treatment recommendation. Get reliable and current veterinary medical information exactly when you need it.

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Get radiology reports in minutes

Powered by a database of thousands of thousands of companion animal cases cases, Vetology AI is artificial intelligence providing the quickest radiology answers. Your digital images are analyzed, and reports are sent to you in under five minutes.
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Quickly find medical answers and calculate dosages

Looking for the latest information, research and answers for specific medical issues? Just Ask Sofie, our software curated from the latest and best resources for veterinary medicine. Your subscription includes Vetcalulators to find prescription dosing easily.
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Expand your practice management abilities with continuing education

Our management series teaches all the behind-the-scenes responsibilities that go into a successful practice. Human resources, inventory, finance, reputation management and safety/OSHA are included.

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