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Our portfolio of hand-selected software and technology solutions are easy to implement and use. We look for a broad and balanced range of solutions, including exclusives, to support every facet of your practice.
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The Patterson Difference: Expertise and support when you need it

Your local team of experts is only a call away. In addition, the Patterson Technology Center backs our technologies with phone, email and online chat support.
We understand that it can be daunting to make a move toward a higher tech solution for your practice. That’s why we help throughout the process, from evaluating your options to making data migration, implementation and training easy. You can feel confident that the technology you purchase has a team of people to help you.
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Practice Management

Manage your veterinary practice with more ease

We offer practice management solutions for your needs, whether you run an independent practice or a multiple-location organization. Our experts constantly evaluate options to ensure we’re bringing you a comprehensive suite of digital tools and solutions.
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Client Engagement

Build a strong and loyal customer base

With our client engagement solutions, you can reach more potential customers and build loyalty to your practice. Our software options help you automate reminders and educate patients. So you can focus on patient care.
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Inventory Management

Increase efficiency and reduce errors

Our inventory management solutions save time and reduce inventory errors, help you organize safety data sheets and allow you to deliver prescriptions directly to your clients.

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Security & Compliance

Keep your data and records secure and compliant

Our security and compliance solutions help you securely manage digital health records, safety data sheets and other data, while maintaining compliance.
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Practice Analytics

Harness data to steer your practice management decisions

Assess the health of your veterinary practice and gain insights that help you to manage your practice more effectively, with our practice analytics solutions.

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Medical Assistance

Improve patient care and client satisfaction with fast and accurate diagnoses

With our medical assistance solutions, you can quickly confirm your treatment recommendations – which means fewer treatment delays.
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Expand your practice management abilities with our resources

Build up your practice knowledge and your continuing education credits

Patterson Veterinary University’s management series teaches all the behind-the-scenes responsibilities that go into a successful practice. Human resources, inventory, finance, reputation management and safety/OSHA are included.

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Immerse yourself in ideas for a new practice

Guiding Practice Success (GPS) is must-attend conference for those considering remodeling or designing a new practice. Learn about the latest equipment, technology and hospital design ideas. Talk with your rep about this exclusive event.
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