The only customizable, all-in-one client engagement platform for veterinarians

Too much technology bogging you down? Say goodbye to multiple client communication and reminder platforms. Vet2Pet’s easy-to-implement, all-in-one solution was developed by veterinarians, technicians, and practice managers who understand the daily struggles of practice life. Their goal is to improve life for veterinary professionals and ensure pets get the care they need, and they’ve built every feature of the platform to do just that.
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The Vet2Pet all-on-one platform
Some highlights of the Vet2Pet platform include:

Custom branding
Your comprehensive hospital app includes your hospital name, icon, and brand colors, and you control and manage it all from your cloud-based dashboard.

All your clients, together in one place
Phone, text, email, social media, website… Your team is going crazy trying to respond to (and reach) clients through so many different channels. Stop the scramble and give clients two ways to reach you: your phone, and your hospital app. Streamlining your communications (like many other organizations already do… think Starbucks!) will make it easier and more efficient for everyone.

Flexible care 
Take care of your patients anytime, anywhere. Through Vet2Pet’s 2-Way Chat feature, you can exchange messages, photos, videos, and even documents—including invoices—with clients. When a client receives your invoice after a virtual care or curbside appointment, or when they pick up a prescription refill, they can pay from their smartphone with just a few clicks.

Appointment management
Clients can request appointments, request changes to appointments, or cancel appointments (with at least 24 hours notice)—all through the app! Your team will receive dashboard and email notifications for all appointment requests. You can even set special hours to control when clients can request appointments and prescription refills.

Refill requests
Clients can simply snap a photo of the medication they need, and send a prescription refill request through your app. 

Loyalty program
Reward your top clients and increase annual revenue by an average of 6.4%. Whether you’re looking for a custom loyalty program specific to your hospital, or you want a quick and easy program you can simply “turn on,” Vet2Pet’s Loyalty Program is what you need. 

Pet selfies
Everyone loves showing off their furry friends. Your clients can upload a photo of their pet along with a bio and submit it through the app, providing unique content for your social media channels (and encouraging clients to “like” you on social, too!).

“I love that y’all are continuously finding new ways to make this app better and to be all-in-one. The chat feature is next-level!”

—Linda Pfughaupt, Bissonnet Southampton Veterinary Clinic

“The refills feature makes things much easier for clients and staff. No need to call anyone—just order when you remember. Just love it!”

—Trisha Rodney Merchant, Animal Hospital of Pensacola

“The appointment request feature provides plenty of fields for the owner to specify when they’d like to come in, which makes scheduling much easier!”

—Emily Griffin, Shaffer Animal Hospital

“Vet2Pet is a fantastic partner when it comes to building loyalty and nurturing client relationships. Our hospital teams love how intuitive the Vet2Pet dashboard is, the ability to connect with clients easily, and offer an enhanced client experience. Clients love earning rewards and being able to take care of their pet’s care from their phone. The support they provide is truly world-class…”

—Emily Arnold, Lakefield Veterinary Group

“Vet2Pet has been a game changer for Poulsbo Marina Veterinary Clinic in terms of client communication, engagement, and bonding… The app allows us to deliver our messaging with our local brand to clients in a variety of ways—reaching them where they want and need to be reached… There is never a one-size-fits-all product for veterinary medicine, but Vet2Pet comes pretty close!”

—Stephanie Goss, Poulsbo Marina Veterinary Clinic

“Our clients really love the loyalty program. That’s something that incentivizes them to spend a little bit more to get that extra star so they can have their extra hundred dollars off their next visit or something.”

Sara Shoemake, Oregon Trail Veterinary Clinic