Veterinary Rehabilitation Therapy Equipment

Give patients relief from pain and help them heal

Ensure the best possible treatment outcomes with our rehabilitation equipment.  Choose from a selection of therapy lasers to relieve pain and inflammation.  

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Equipment for rehabilitative care


The offloading of the patient’s weight during hydrotherapy helps the patient to recover and build muscle.

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Laser therapy

The Cutting Edge (CE) laser helps with post-surgical incisions, arthritis, edema – and even does acupuncture.

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HVM H1x hyperbaric chamber

Intended for hyperbaric oxygen therapy, this “Class C” veterinary hyperbaric chamber offers an easy-seal door, steel chamber with scratch-resistant portholes, a control panel and an enhanced safety system.

HVM 3200s hyperbaric chamber

A built-in slide-out tray makes patient loading and unloading safe and easy. During hyperbaric oxygen therapy, view the patient through portholes and via live HD video from inside the steel chamber.

Planning for ROI

With rehabilitative equipment
There are several factors to consider when filling your practice with reliable, revenue-generating equipment. Cost is always a factor but should never be the major factor in the final decision.
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