Medical search and answers exactly when you need them

When you need clinical answers, you need a source you can trust and you need it fast. That’s where Sofie, our online medical search tool, comes in. Sofie is a software program filled with reliable and current veterinary medical information at the time and place you need it.
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Powered by Patterson Veterinary’s partner LifeLearn, Sofie provides one-click access to:
  • drug formularies
  • differential diagnoses
  • diagnostic algorithms
  • emergency treatments
  • surgery techniques
  • information on exotics
  • nutritional info
“Sofie has been an invaluable resource to me in the clinic. During emergency situations or busy high-volume days, there is no scrambling through textbooks looking for reference information – I already have all the information I need at my fingertips within seconds from multiple trustworthy resources. It has made me a more efficient veterinarian and improved both my quality of life and practice.”
Dr. Taylor Moore, Oceanside Veterinary Hospital
“I use Sofie almost every day. The ability to look up dosages for medications is very convenient. In just about every complicated case, there is usually something I want to look up in order to make sure I’m not missing any major differentials. In a busy practice, just taking a minute to look up differentials is a lifesaver for my patients.”
Dr. Melanie Vanicek, Kerrville Veterinary Clinic

“No more outdated texts or searching the shelves for the right text. As our practice grows, it will also eliminate the need to share resources between multiple doctors.”
– Dr. Paula Bedford, Maple Ridge Veterinary Hospital

Save critical search time

Sofie can save you an average of 15 minutes per search and three hours per month. The software quickly gives you the most relevant and accurate answers because it will search multiple credible sources at once. So you can give clients a solid diagnosis and start a treatment plan – fast.

Cutting-edge software, powered by Watson

Sofie uses IBM Watson technology to search a vast knowledge base to give you reliably accurate answers. Sofie pulls from more than 40,000 pages, including top textbooks, journals and veterinary industry conference events. Because LifeLearn curates these sources, they are the most up-to-date versions and information available to the industry today.

Vetcalulators included

Included with your Sofie subscription, Vetcalculators provides fast access to a wide range of medical calculators and decision-making tools such as:

  • drug dosage calculators
  • toxicity calculators
  • trauma triage scores
  • fluid therapy
  • blood transfusions
  • CRI calculations
  • drug dose calculation
  • toxicity calculations
  • nutritional guidelines
  • emergency meds and more
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I have a house call practice, so I am on the road 90% of the time. To have a tool which I can take with me to access textbooks and journals between my calls is very valuable.”

Dr. Jana Kelton, Owner, Kelton Pet House Call Services