Veterinary Exam Room Equipment

Improve workflow and increase comfort with the right equipment for thorough examinations

We offer high-quality, reliable exam room tables and LED lighting systems from our manufacturing partners. Choose from a selection of tables that fit your space and needs. Our LED lighting supports great veterinary care by providing cool light that’s perfect for a medical environment with a long life and low energy use.
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ACEMST1 exam light

For universal applications, whether it’s an examination, diagnostics or even minor surgery, the ACEMST1 has you covered. It’s easy to move and its double balancing system ensures stability and accuracy for the whole time of use once positioned.
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Get a clearer view of the ear and nose

Digital otoscopes use video technology to provide a high definition image of the anatomy. If you’re considering the move to a digital otoscope, rest assured that Patterson offers training by experts as well as ongoing support.
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VetOvation video otoscope

The video otoscope from VetOvation has everything you need to perform basic diagnostic procedures such as video otology, rhinoscopy and foxtail removal. The adapter connects to an iPhone, using its camera technology to provide a high definition image of the anatomy to save and share with clients via email.
This video otoscope lets you pinpoint recurrent or underlying problems inside the ear and nose. It also makes removing foxtails quick and easy.

Neuranix Vet-Wave

Vet-Wave helps you diagnose hearing problems and ear diseases by assessing the integrity and functionality of the eardrum and the middle ear. Specifically designed for companion animals, Vet-Wave uses a unique and exclusive technology that uses a wide range of acoustic frequencies.

For a complete picture of the functionality of the hearing system of the patient, Vet-Wave is supported by an integrated digital otoscope.


Exam room and treatment tables

We have the exam room and treatment tables that fit your needs, whether fold-down or stand-alone.
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Exam room stools

Browse our selection of adjustable exam room stools with or without back rests and footrings.
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