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Meet Amy Ingelson, Territory Manager
Hello, my name is Amy Ingelson and I am the Territory Manager in Western Kentucky and Northern Tennessee.  I have 17 years’ experience in veterinary practices working as a kennel person, technician, receptionist, and office manager.  I made my way into distribution and have been a sales rep for 21 years.  My hobbies include trail riding, horse racing, fishing, hiking and turkey hunting.   This image is one of my favorites as I got to feed peppermints to Tiznow at Winstar Farm.

Detect & Monitor Equine Inflammation Due to Infection in 10 Minutes

Equine influenza virus (EIV) outbreaks can be frightening for how quickly it can spread in horses. Imagine being at a horse show or at a barn where a few horses come down with fevers of 102°-105°F and nasal discharge. You suspect EIV. But how can you know for sure? And how can you quickly identify
inflammation due to infection?
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New Veterinarian Wellbeing Study Results and Resources

Building on critical information collected in 2018, Merck Animal Health partnered with the American
Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) to complete a second comprehensive study of wellbeing and mental health among U.S. veterinarians. Data from the Merck Animal Health Veterinarian Wellbeing Study 20201 revealed that veterinarians’ attitudes toward mental health are improving, but there’s significant work to do related to treatment.
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Equine Asthma Syndrome: Environmental Management & Prevention

The management and prevention of mild/moderate (IAD) and severe equine asthma (RAO and SPRAO) involves three key areas: environmental control, use of corticosteroids to reduce inflammation, and administration of bronchodilators to relieve respiratory distress. The same three areas must be managed at all stages of the disease, from a horse with a chronic cough to a horse with obvious respiratory distress.
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Product Highlight

Aservo Equihaler

The first FDA-approved ciclesonide inhalation spray and Soft Mist™ Inhaler designed specifically for horses with severe equine asthma.

Aservo Equihaler combines three breathtaking innovations into one:
•  A novel glucocorticoid (ciclesonide) that is 12x more potent when activated compared to dexamethasone
•  An advanced inhalation technology (Soft Mist™ Inhaler) that delivers medicine deep into the peripheral lung
•  A dosing system with a horse-designed nostril adapter that provide precise and consistent dosing

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