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Health & Wellness

Wholehearted support for the whole vet community

Patterson Veterinary supports vet teams in all ways, including health and wellness. Explore our health and wellness resources such as CE opportunities and learn about our partnership with the nonprofit Not One More Vet.
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Flagship magazines, catalogs, monthly news and more

Stay on top of trends, new products and new approaches for your practice. Trust our publications to keep you well informed with industry news.

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Shelter Program

Promotions and resources for 501(c)(3) customers

The goal of our Shelter Program is to highlight promotions for our 501(c)(3) customers. You’ll also find links to valuable resources from our manufacturing partners.
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X-ray Regulations

Resources to help prepare for X-ray installation

State and federal regulations for X-ray installation vary depending on your practice location. Our X-ray installation resources will help you prepare for the installation by our team of service technicians.
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