Veterinary Dosimetry Badge

Protect your staff with simple and affordable dosimetry monitoring

Through a combination of software and badges, you can easily monitor your team’s occupational radiation levels. Order badges online for each member of your team, then monitor dosimetry levels through your online account to ensure OSHA compliance.
The online, 24/7 portal makes it easy to order, manage and pay for dosimetry badges. It allows users to add and remove badge wearers, run reports, order additional badges and more easily return badges for evaluation. Badge costs and billing are consolidated through your Patterson account.

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Substantial savings, simplified billing and reliability

When you choose Patterson for personnel dosimetry, you're also choosing consolidated billing. Your payment will be included in your monthly statement, and you don't have to pay in advance for a year's worth of service.
Our partner, the Radiation Detection Company, is a worldwide leader in personnel dosimetry monitoring services. They're approved by the National Voluntary Laboratory Accreditation Program.

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Discover the benefits of dosimetry monitoring from Patterson Vet

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