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      6 Uses for AI in Vet Practices That Are Almost TOO Intelligent

      As functionality continues to grow, AI is on track to bring surprising capabilities to practices. We've looked at how AI is already integrated into practice operations, as well as what's on the horizon. 
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      Back to school: the perfect time to look at CE for your practice

      A conversation with Oriana Gradeles-Scislowicz, Learning Experience Design Manager for Patterson Veterinary University, regarding why practice owners and managers should consider CE for their teams as part of back-to-school planning.

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      It's All In the Content: 5 Tips on How To Write a Blog To Educate Pet Owners

      Blogs are powerful tools for both client education and helping your website maintain a high ranking on search engine result pages. But where to begin? Start with these tips from Beyond Indigo Pets President and CEO, Kelly Baltzell.
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      They Ate What?! Identify the Foreign Body in 3 Unusual Radiographs

      In celebration of Patterson Veterinary and Patterson Teleradiology powered by Vetology AI sponsoring the 2023 “They Ate What?!” radiograph contest, we're sharing three of the most unusual cases of pets ingesting things that were definitely not kibble...
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