AutoSDS means easy OSHA compliance

AutoSDS is an online database of OSHA-required safety data sheets. No more three-ring binders or papers stacked up in piles that need to be filed. With AutoSDS your SDSs will be reviewed and updated regularly. Its easy-to-use online interface is accessible from any computer or mobile device.

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Discover the benefits of AutoSDS

A Patterson exclusive: OSHA compliance made easy
Created exclusively for Patterson, AutoSDS software means you can check safety and compliance off your to-do list. All your practice’s products are automatically assigned a Safety Data Sheet, and your personal SDS library is always up to date and on file. Your AutoSDS library comes preloaded with SDSs based on your Patterson product purchases over the previous five years.
Your staff will know you have their safety in mind as well, since your library includes veterinary-specific employee safety protocols. In fact, 80% of OSHA complaints are from current or former employees, so knowing that you have communicated safety plans to your staff and factored in their safety into your team’s daily work takes your practice a step further in compliance. It’s an easy, affordable solution that takes the administrative burden off you and your staff.
Since the average vet practice has 450 Safety Data Sheets in their library, an automated system like AutoSDS makes administration and compliance easy.
How does AutoSDS work?
As you make purchases through Patterson, any product with an SDS is automatically added to your AutoSDS personal library. If an SDS is updated by the manufacturer, the sheet updates automatically as well.
What else is included in a subscription?
As part of your base subscription, you can access the AutoSDS master library so that any purchases made outside of Patterson that require SDSs can be easily added to your online database. Just search the database, add to your library and you’re set. With AutoSDS you can print secondary container labels, automating this tedious task for your team.
Monthly fee: $59.99
One-time setup fee: $349

Set up fee waived through December 31st.
OSHA Fact Sheet: Steps for to an effective hazardous communications program employers that use hazardous containers

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Three-ring binders? That’s so yesterday

AutoSDS software is automated and streamlined, so any Patterson purchase you make is automatically assigned a Safety Data Sheet; we can also import products purchased from any other source.

Your Master Library is at your fingertips, so you can save your practice the stress of OSHA fines as well, knowing you are fully OSHA compliant. OSHA regulations can change, and our team stays on top of those changes, so you don’t have to.

AutoSDS is backed by Patterson Technology Center’s award-winning customer service.