An easy way for your practice to stay compliant

Leave behind three-ring binders and discover a fast, reliable way to access safety data sheets (SDSs) with AutoSDS. It will be easier than ever to stay compliant and avoid unnecessary fines. You’ll also gain immediate access to vital safety information should an emergency arise at your clinic with a client or a staff member. AutoSDS is easy to learn, completely customizable and gives both desktop and mobile users convenient access to online safety data sheets.
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Discover the benefits of AutoSDS

Maintain a safe and compliant practice
The average vet practice has 450 safety data sheets in their library. An automated system like AutoSDS makes administration of safety sheets and compliance easy. With veterinary-specific safety protocols included, your staff will know you’re putting their safety first.
Standout features:
  • Patterson products autoload
    Your AutoSDS personal library is an online database that comes preloaded with SDSs from your Patterson Veterinary purchases over the previous five years. As you make purchases through Patterson Veterinary, any product with an SDS is automatically added to your AutoSDS library.
  • Master library access
    Purchases made outside of Patterson Veterinary that require SDSs can be easily added to your online database. The AutoSDS database has over 200,000 products to choose from. Simply search the database and add the chosen product(s) to your library.
  • SDS updates from manufacturers
    As manufacturers update their SDSs, your library will be updated with the latest version of the SDS while providing access to older versions. This supports you in adhering to the OSHA mandate of keeping an SDS on file for 30 years.
  • Chemical inventory lists
    Easily generate this list, as required by OSHA, for all chemicals used in your practice.
  • Secondary container labels
    When you buy in bulk, you can effortlessly print secondary container labels using AutoSDS for products you transfer into smaller dispensers.
How does AutoSDS work?
As you make purchases through Patterson, any product with an SDS is automatically added to your AutoSDS personal library. If an SDS is updated by the manufacturer, the sheet updates automatically as well.
What else is included in a subscription?
As part of your base subscription, you can access the AutoSDS master library so that any purchases made outside of Patterson that require SDSs can be easily added to your online database. Just search the database, add to your library and you’re set. With AutoSDS you can print secondary container labels, automating this tedious task for your team.

Google Chrome is the suggested browser for best access to AutoSDS. AutoSDS is cloud based and can be accessed by either internet or cellular connection.

“I love that we don’t have to run out the material data for our books anymore. It’s all automatically added.”

– Sara Shoemake, Oregon Trail Veterinary Clinic

Monthly fee: $64.99
One-time setup fee: $349

Set up fee waived through December 31st.
OSHA Fact Sheet: Steps for to an effective hazardous communications program employers that use hazardous containers

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Put staff safety first and avoid fines

AutoSDS supports a fast reaction time from your staff members in the case of an emergency. Everyone that signs up gets a custom QR code poster that links directly to your SDS library in seconds.
For the last several years, Hazard Communication violations have been the second most common OSHA citation. Fines are as high as $12,000 per day, per incident and up to $70,000 for repeated and willful violations. AutoSDS automatically updates and maintains your online library of SDSs to help you remain compliant.

Meet the fastest and simplest way to access SDS information

AutoSDS’s QR code poster is the fastest and easiest way to access safety information in the event of an emergency. Simply hang the poster in your practice and any employee can scan the QR code to directly access your online SDS binder.

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"AutoSDS is so easy to use. We made each computer have a quick-access link and can access [our SDSs] in just a few seconds. It’s AAHA-approved and makes everything easy, all in one place"

Bethel Mill Animal Hospital staff

AutoSDS is backed by Patterson Technology Center’s award-winning customer service.