The Prescription Drug Marketing Act (PDMA) requires all distributors of Prescription Pharmaceuticals to provide and pass pedigree on the Prescription Pharmaceutical products that they distribute.  However, as an Authorized Distributor of Record (ADR), as set forth in 21 CFR Part 203, the distributor is not required to provide such pedigree.
The agreement attached to this letter is requesting designation of ADR status for Patterson Companies, Inc. and its affiliates, including Patterson Veterinary Supply, Patterson Management and Patterson Logistics Services, Inc.  Please note that this Agreement will not abridge, modify or supplant any existing distribution agreement, which may be in place with your company.  Also once this Agreement is confirmed in writing, we will provide your organization with an executed copy for recordkeeping purposes.
To further meet the requirements of the PDMA, please forward with the signed agreement an attachment with a list of the specific products that Patterson is authorized to distribute or a statement that the wholesale distributor is an ADR for the manufacturer’s entire product line. Specific products should be identified by the product name, dosage form, strength of the drug and the NDC number.
If applicable, please attach your ADR agreement with your product submission form & email to