LifeChip® Equine RFID Microchips Standard



  • LifeChip® radio frequency Identification microchips offer a unique and unalterable means of identifying horses and ponies of all ages, breeds and sizes
  • Each is about the size of a grain of rice and contains a passive transponder programmed with a unique 15 digit ISO-compliant number; once in place, these microchips can be read by any Destron Fearing ISO-compliant reader
  • Numbers can be registered in each horse’s individual breed/discipline registry or kept in farm/ranch files for future reference
  • Microchips provide proof of ownership in the event a horse is lost or stolen, as well as proof of identity for horses involved in breeding operations, competitive sports and international/domestic travel
  • The only ISO-compliant and National Animal Identification System approved equine microchip on the market today
  • Each LifeChip® microchip is capped with a patented biocompatible material called BioBond®, which secures the microchip to the administration site within 24 hours of placement
  • Horses of all ages, sizes and breeds can receive LifeChip®; foals can receive a microchip at the time of their neonatal examination
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