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The STERLINK® U-510 Gas Plasma Sterilizer Starter Kit is the low-temperature alternative to ethylene oxide. Sterlink provides a safe, fast, effective and environmentally-friendly hydrogen peroxide option for veterinarians at an affordable cost.

  • Hydrogen peroxide gas plasma sterilization extra starter kit supplies
  • Kit includes everything you need for your first 40 sterilization cycles

Additional Information (anchor text): Sterlink Information Video Contains: 1 STERLINK U-510 gas plasma sterilizer; 1 sterilization basket; 2 STERLOAD U-510 pucks; 20 (30" x 30", bonded, lightweight) polypropylene wraps; 1 roll indicator tape; 250 chemical indicator strips; and 30 Tyvek bags, 10 of each size: 300 x 400 mm, 200 x 400 mm and 100 x 400 mm Additional Information (link): Product Type: Sterilizer Brand: STERLINK®