Veterinarian Digital X-ray Systems

Our digital X-ray systems come with something extra.

Our Radmedix Acuity line of X-ray equipment comes with two features you can’t find anywhere else. First is AccuVet software, designed for Patterson customers specifically for the Radmedix Acuity line. Second, is a free year of AccuVue Cloud storage. Use it for all your images.

Digital X-ray Systems

Acuity HD 1717

Acuity Csi 1717

Acuity Wireless 1417

Acuity Wireless 1012

X-ray tables for veterinary practices

Vet X-ray system

Vet X-ray system

Vet X-ray system

RadmediX Acuity X-ray

Dental X-ray for Veterinarians

Schick Sensors

Schick Sensors

Protective gear for veterinarians and their team

While you’re here, don’t forget to add gloves and aprons to your cart. We also have the most competitive price on dosimetry badges, so you can protect your team.

Hear from Your Colleagues

“The RadmediX imaging is pretty top notch. You can see every detail. Every time my associate goes out on a farm call, she says ‘I can’t believe the X-rays we get!“

- Dr. Kira MacKinnon