Never doubt your diagnosis

With Radmedix you’ll catch things the first time. The Acuity X-ray is fully digital software integrated to allow X-ray parameters to be entered directly from the AccuVet software.
Radmedix Acuity means sharp images – images so pristine, you’ll be able to see issues that can easily be missed with old systems. They’re exclusively from Patterson and backed by our legendary end-to-end service and support.
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Better workflows
Auto-advancing exams allow the caregiver to remain by the patient’s side throughout. All the user has to do is press their foot on the exposure button.
Thoughtful features
This four-way float table offers patient tie-downs for fidgety patients and a urine trough to channel away fluids from nervous patients.
The Patterson difference
We are the best in the industry at offering comprehensive service for our equipment and technology – from installation and training to phone support and in-office repair.
Only Patterson has local engineers and dedicated equipment specialists assigned to each practice. Additionally, they are OEM-trained to support and train you and your team.