Automated, breed-specific health reminders for the lifetime of your patient

Working with your practice management software, Breedology automatically reaches out to your client at key dates in their pet’s development based on their breed. Because Breedology is fully educated on each breed, you can equip your clients with the most information.
Turn on the campaign you’d like to run, then do no more. Choose from the top 10 dog and cat breeds, including the Beagle, Labrador and Golden Retriever, French and English Bulldog, Poodle, German Shepherd, Yorkshire Terrier and Persian.
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Market Hound’s technology suite also includes:
Client HQ Smart Calendar
The first truly automated marketing for the lifetime of your patient.
Breedology will automatically search for opportunities within your practice management software to communicate breed-specific health care reminders via email and text for the entire lifetime of your patient.
Wellness milestones keep pet health on track and are planned from puppyhood to the golden years. And it’s all triggered at once – the campaign will complete its lifecycle once you initiate Breedology. So, a campaign you turn on in 2020 is still going strong – with no intervention on your part – in the year 2041!
From puppy to golden years, Breedology will communicate for you.
For example, Breedology will recognize that you have a significant number of Dachshunds in your practice. By simply turning the Dachshund campaign on with Breedology, you’ve set in motion a lifetime of breed-specific care reminders, 90 automated touchpoints from age 3 months to 15 years.
Breedology is always on the job.
Since Breedology is one of the digital tools on Market Hound, you don’t need to install or download anything. Turn on your Breedology campaign, then forget about it. Breedology remembers to communicate with your clients, reminding them about common milestones and breed-specific problems, communicating with your client regularly for up to 22 years.
A lifetime of health.
Owners of Persian cats, for example, will get 127 touchpoints from you, including 85 texts and 42 emails, from kittenhood, onward over the course of 21 years. Owners of Standard Poodles will receive 88 texts, 44 emails, for 132 touchpoints throughout 22 years. Labrador Retriever owners will receive 64 texts, 32 emails for 96 touchpoints throughout 15 years. Because Breedology is always tracking, you’ll never miss an opportunity.

Personalized to your client.
Each time Breedology communicates with your client, it is personalized with your client’s name, patient’s name and milestone, as well as with your practice name, website, address and phone number. Clients can then simply reply to the email or text for an appointment.