Package Quantity: 1/Pkg Brand: Sentrx Oculenis™ Volume: 3 ml
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Oculenis™ BioHAnce™ Ocular Repair Gel is an ocular concentration of BioHAnce technology formulated to support enhanced healing of acute injuries, surgical incisions and common irritations in the eyes of dogs and cats. BioHAnce is a unique, crosslinked hyaluronic acid (HA) that has been specifically modified for the ocular environment. It creates a cellular matrix of modified HA that naturally enhances the animal’s own healing process by optimizing epithelial proliferation. It also provides a sheer coating on the surface of the eye that protects the affected area and helps reduce scarring.

  • For use on superficial ocular injuries (cuts, abrasions, scratches, etc.), traumatic ocular wounds (lacerations, punctures, foreign objects that have perforated the cornea, etc.); surgical incisions; and corneal ulcers
  • Creates a sheer barrier on the ocular surface that protects and hydrates with every blink
  • The only ocular repair gel for pets made with the patented BioHAnce technology
  • The highest ocular concentration of BioHAnce
  • Unlike serum shown not to bind to antibiotics
  • Clinically proven to promote accelerated healing by 50%
  • Unlike non-crosslinked HA drops, Oculenis lasts for hours on the ocular surface
  • Less pet owner applications and greater compliance

Volume: 3 ml Package Quantity: 1/Pkg Presentation: Gel Container Type: Bottle Delivery Type: Ophthalmic For Animal Type: Cat, Dog Product Type: Repair Gel Brand: Sentrx Oculenis™