Package Quantity: 6/Pkg Brand: Ocunovis™ ProCare BioHAnce™ Volume: 5 ml
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Ocunovis™ ProCare BioHAnce™ Gel Eye Drops can be used for supplemental support for pets diagnosed with dry eye. It can also be used for dry, irritated eyes and other conditions where eye lubrication and hydration may be of benefit in dogs and cats.

  • Long-lasting lubrication: ordinary eye drops can quickly evaporate
  • Engineered for convenience: enhanced duration reduces the number of applications
  • Tailored for easy application: specifically made to create a “not too thick, not too watery” consistency that is easy to control and dispense accurately
  • Less glob on your pet’s eyes: unlike others, Ocunovis creates a sheer, thin application without blurring
  • Formulation based on naturally occurring substances found in the body; contains no preservative or synthetic additives that cause pain or stinging

Color Of Medicine: Clear Volume: 5 ml Package Quantity: 6/Pkg Presentation: Gel Drops Container Type: Bottle Delivery Type: Ophthalmic Reconstitution Required: N For Animal Type: Cat, Dog Brand: Ocunovis™ ProCare BioHAnce™

07/07/2022 - 09/30/2022
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