Package Quantity: 1/Pkg Brand: Zarasyl™ Volume: 6.7 oz
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Zarasyl® Equine Cream with orthosilicic acid is indicated to promote wound healing and for bacterial and fungal infection relief.

  • Contains a proprietary amorphous silica compound
  • Formulated to provide sustained release of orthosilicic acid (OSA) for healthy connective tissue.
  • Creates a superior protective layer and moisturizing environment for management of dermatology issues such as pastern dermatitis, wound care, granulation tissue (proud flesh), habronema (summer sores) and insect bite hypersensitivity (IBH)
  • Competition-safe; antibiotic- and steroid-free

Color Of Medicine: White Volume: 6.7 oz Package Quantity: 1/Pkg Presentation: Cream Container Type: Tube Delivery Type: Topical Reconstitution Required: N For Animal Type: Equine Brand: Zarasyl™

10/13/2023 - 12/31/2023
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