Veterinary equipment maintenance and repair service.

Patterson TechEdge. Veterinary equipment service from the leader in our industry.

Our Service Technicians are trained and certified for a broad selection veterinary equipment. We can repair your veterinary equipment whether purchased through Patterson or not. We can also schedule routine maintenance, so you don’t have to worry about downtime.

In fact, we have so many ways we can help you keep your veterinary equipment running at peak performance – all designed to help you avoid costly downtime and extend the life of your investments. We can even help with practice design and financing. When you choose Patterson, you get way more than a product. You get people.

Confidence in your technology and equipment: another advantage of doing business with Patterson.

For veterinary equipment maintenance, repair and service, there is just one number to call.

Call 855.778.8387

Preventative Maintenance Program. Minimize downtime in your practice.

Monthly or quarterly visits mean your equipment is in top shape. At these appointments, your service technician performs a thorough inspection to ensure each piece of on-plan equipment is in working order. Your equipment service technician will do the routine maintenance and manufacturer service for centrifuges, microscopes, lights, surgery tables – anything you use for patient procedures.

On each service call, TechEdge technicians are equipped in case an inspection uncovers the need for work that cannot be done onsite. And because our service vans are well stocked with tools and parts, most repairs and adjustments can be made during a single visit. We find problems before you even notice them.

Hear from your colleagues

“I can’t even honestly imagine not having preventative maintenance. All my equipment just always gets fixed. We’re almost never down. Our Patterson team has always come through for us, so we can just keep doing what we do. This is why I’m with Patterson, because this helping hand is key. It’s up there in the money well spent.”

Dr. Cherri Trusheim

“I’m good at spaying a cat, but how would I know if the vaporizer is running at peak efficiency? It gives me endless peace of mind to have Robbie come monthly to make sure my equipment is running at peak performance.”

Dr. Dan Pate

“We have Shawn, who is one of the best techs in the country. He knows us, knows our equipment and comes every month. In many instances, it’s very delicate equipment like anesthesia machines and microscopes and the autoclave. I don’t want to leave that in the hands of a partially trained tech.”

Dr. Albert Lopez

Veterinary equipment repair service. We can fix it!

At Patterson, we’re focused on one thing: your success. When your equipment breaks down, so does patient care and client service. That’s why in most parts of the country, we offer local, in-practice support through our service technicians – highly trained and certified specifically in the veterinary equipment you use every day.

One of the advantages of having Patterson TechEdge repair your equipment is the fulfillment centers and branch offices we have across the country. Many parts are ready to go in our service vans as well. It means we carry parts that we can access quickly to help expedite repairs.

Veterinary equipment installation and training. End to end support.

Because Patterson has a 140+ year history of excellent customer service, you are never alone. We do way more than sell equipment. We can install your equipment and train you and your team how to use it as well, so you can take full advantage of your investment, quickly. Long after your purchase, you can trust us to provide the service and support you need to excel with your equipment and use it to its maximum.

Our highly trained and certified TechEdge service technicians install most veterinary equipment. Equipment that is exclusive to Patterson is installed free. We are well-trained in manufacturer specifications, so we do not void the warranty. We partner with local contractors, plumbers and electricians to ensure your equipment is running properly.

Patterson Technology Center. Our state-of-the-art customer service campus.

Our Patterson Technology Center (PTC) is 100,000 square feet of customer service excellence. The entire team is trained on many of the pieces of equipment you use every day. They know how to help you make the most of it.

Built on the legendary customer service Patterson is known for, we resolve more than 90% of support calls during the initial call. Here, we also field emails and live chats.

Vaporizer exchange. Expert service from the partner you trust.

We make it easy to comply with maintenance recommendations. A vaporizer that’s ready for installation is shipped to you in exchange for your vaporizer. The vaporizer we ship you is comparable to yours and includes a calibration report and a return shipping label. It’s that easy.

It’s also that accurate, thanks to Patterson Veterinary’s certified veterinary technicians with clinical and technical backgrounds in anesthesia equipment. Our expert service is reflected in our meticulous calibration process, including clinical accuracy testing to the highest industry standards, evaluating and replacing necessary parts and anesthetic agent waste eliminated.

Our full vaporizer service includes:

  • Vaporizer is completely disassembled to clean all the internal parts and replace those that are not functioning properly, especially the cotton wicking which needs to be changed regularly
  • The vaporizer, with cleaned and replaced parts, is internally and externally leak tested
  • Upon passing the leak test, the vaporizer is filled with anesthetic agent and tested for output using a laser refractometer, the industry’s most accurate method of measuring output
  • Vaporizer is leak-tested a second time prior to shipping
  • Fully functional, fully cleaned vaporizers are only sent to customers once they meet the highest of standards

Anesthesia hotline: A complimentary service.

The Patterson Veterinary Technical Support Hotline is your one source for information on the use, care and service of anesthesia and monitoring equipment. Just call 866.825.6076.

Our equipment experts are available by phone to troubleshoot and provide assistance with the application, use and maintenance of all models of anesthesia machines, ventilators, vaporizers, monitors, waste gas and oxygen supply equipment. Just give us a call!

Call 866.825.6076

National repair and service centers. Quick turnaround for small equipment.

Small but important. We repair dental handpieces, AccuWave monitors, Q Core IV pumps and other small equipment vital to keep your practice running well. Our factory-trained technicians and coordinators handle everything quickly and efficiently. Our service includes coordinating shipping to Patterson, inspection, cleaning and repair of small equipment and prompt return to you.

Practice design. A complimentary service that’s extraordinary.

How high should that light be installed? Is my lobby too small? Will this piece of equipment need its own room? These are questions your contractor might not have answers to. But we do. We’ve helped thousands of veterinarians create their dream practice. We can help you too!

Our comprehensive approach on every project, from remodeling to new builds, will set your mind at ease and bring your practice to life. This complimentary service helps you select the equipment to fit the vision you have for your clinic, working with your architect, contractor or builder to ensure everything works right. We’ll even show you your plans in 3D!

Equipment every day. Read all about it in Patterson Today and our catalogs.

So many veterinarians trust Patterson Veterinary for everything from equipment repair and service all the way to designing their new practice. Read success stories and find equipment catalogs to inspire your day.

Equipment financing. We make it quick and easy.

Faster. Fewer forms. Quicker approval. That’s the difference Patterson Financial Services offers. Find out how financing your clinic is easier than you might think.

We are your trusted veterinary equipment service company.

Put your equipment in the best of hands. Trust Patterson Veterinary for equipment maintenance, repair and service. And get inspired with Patterson Today magazine, find easy financing and our outstanding design portfolio. You’re in expert hands with Patterson Veterinary service.