RadmediX Acuity X-ray


This four-way float table is designed to make taking X-rays easier. The Acuity X-ray is fully digital software integrated, allowing X-ray parameters to be entered directly from the AccuVet software. Also incorporates patient tie-downs and a urine trough to channel fluids away.


  • Operator console in tilt-out table door with digital readout
  • APR – Anatomical Program Radiography
  • Full digital software integration from heads-up touchscreen display
  • Exposure footswitch
  • Four-way float table, 67 in. x 32 in.
  • Six-way system movement
  • Laser lined collimator with LED light field
  • Variable 40 in. SID to film plane and table top
  • 30 kW high frequency (HF) technology generator
  • 300 lb weight load
  • Patient tie-downs
  • Urine trough to prevent fluid runoff
  • Parts warranty: System: 60 months, X-ray tube: 62 months prorated

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