Edge™ Blade Electrode



Edge™ coated blades have been proven to provide performance beyond all other coated blade electrodes on the market. Edge™ needle electrodes are designed to deliver uncompromised cutting performance for fine dissection, no matter what type of tissue.
  • Safety Sleeve™ insulated electrodes provide an increased level of safety, especially in procedures where the pencil tip can come into contact with unintended tissue. There is no need to insulate these electrodes with rubber catheters or electrode tip protectors
  • Surgeons find EDGE™ coated blades to be equal or superior to other coated or “nonstick” blades across a wide variety of procedures
  • With Covidien’s proprietary coating, no time-consuming scraping is required. Just wipe the electrodes clean with a wet sponge
  • EDGE™ electrodes are designed to be flexible without compromising the integrity of the coating
  • No matter what type of tissue or procedure, EDGE™ electrodes provide cut performance like stainless steel – but with a clean advantage
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