Deluxe Toggle Insertion Kit



The hip toggle is a well-proven method of management of coxofemoral luxations. A tunnel is drilled up through the femoral head and neck, plus through the acetabulum where the round ligament normally attaches. The toggle is placed through the acetabulum. It turns cross ways on the medial side of the pelvis. Monofilament nylon runs the length of the tunnel and tension is applied to the toggle, keeping the hip in place. The toggle insertion device deposits the toggle reliably and safely into the pelvic canal through the 4.5mm hold in the acetabulum. Pulling back on the nylon while retaining the insertion device in the hole “flips” the toggle preventing pullout. The monofilament leader line which passes through the hole in the toggle is passed down through the drilledhole in the femoral head and neck. Use of an adjustable drill guide (07-8321084) ensures accurate placement of this hole.

Includes everything needed for this procedure: Toggle Insertion Kit with one toggle (07-8368825), five Insertion Toggles with five buttons and 5 x 80lb nylon line (sterile) (07-8348512) and Adjustable Drill Guide (07-8321084)
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