Oxy Hood



An oxygen supplementation device, the oxy hood was developed to deliver oxygen in a less restrictive and stressful environment. The oxy hood uses the conventional cone shape of an Elizabethan collar and adds a clear plastic “lid” over the end. Numerous vent holes throughout the cone allow the excess gas to vent. Oxygen is provided to the oxy hood via a nasal cannula attached to the hood. The oxygen source uses a bubble humidifier to prevent drying of the respiratory tract. Features:
  • Collar is sewn to nylon fabric with drawstring, plus Velcro attachment allows for proper neck sizing
  • Lid or face of unit is attached with zipper
  • Clear plastic material is used throughout for better observation and for the animal to see clearly
  • 4 sets of holes are die cut to allow ventilation of carbon dioxide and to maintain the oxygen level at more than 60%
  • Very small patients can be placed totally in the larger oxy hood like an oxygen tent
  • Complete with nebulizer and oxygen nasal cannula and oxygen tubing
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