Auspex Avian Positioner



The Auspex avian positioner is used to position an avian species for radiography and surgery. The positioner is made of a piece of durable plexiglass board. There are 2 short slots and 4 longer slots machined through the board. Several pieces of strategically placed Velcro hook-type fastener are permanently attached to the bottom of the board. Several straps of loop-type Velcro are supplied, which are utilized for restraining the bird’s head and wings. Several pairs of the Velcro face straps, used to restrain the bird’s legs, are also included. The versatile Auspex avian positioner can be applied to most types of birds, from budgerigars to macaws. It is highly effective and reliable, able to securely restrain even the most unruly bird. It is safe and relatively painless, since the bird is held using soft cloth-like straps, unlike the guillotine-type devices that hold the bird’s neck down with a piece of hard plastic. The positioner is low cost and durable. It is hygienic, easy to clean and sterilize. The wing restraint is a novel feature, useful for radiography. The board has raised feet at the 4 corners to allow for placement of heating pads under it, when desired. It measures 18" W x 18" L.
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