Bickford Anesthesia Machine Stand Model with 2 Yokes



  • Two oxygen “E” cylinder yokes to hold two oxygen tanks, each with its own single stage regulator to assure proper supply pressure
  • DISS connections for external gas supplies
  • Quick release toggle latches for easy to change absorbent (prepack or loose granules)
  • Pressure manometer
  • Air intake valve
  • Pop off valve that is see through and easy to clean
  • Horizontal inhalation and exhalation valves to prevent valves from sticking in the open position
  • O2 flowmeter 0.2 L to 5 LPM
  • O2 flush
  • Compact, very mobile
  • Absorber pole allows absorber to adjust to up or down and also swings out of the way when not in use
  • Stand provides excellent stability
  • Quick and easy switch over from rebreathing to non rebreathing system
  • Completely assembled with 2 and 3 liter bags, pediatric breathing circuit, and F/AIR scavenging system
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