ePet Veterinary Practice Websites

Elevate your website.

Options to boost your current site or create a new one.
With ePet Websites, you have options – from single-page, scrolling templates to completely optimized, custom-built sites with white-glove service. Our expanded portfolio can help everyone from single-doctor small market practices to multi-doctor competitive market practices.

A website involves much more than just quality design. Your site’s load speed, mobile performance, unique and relevant content, search engine optimization considerations, and clear calls to action all factor into the effectiveness of your site. In addition, local search optimization services can help attract new clients to your practice and bring tails in your hospital’s door.

From templated to custom built and fully optimized, we’ve got your site.
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Templated Websites

New! Scrolling design template.
New Parallax scrolling design option is a visually appealing, popular design technique that creates an illusion of movement on the screen. In reality, the website is a single page. Select from several eye-catching and easy-to-navigate responsive templates, and we’ll customize and optimize it for your practice. Powered by LifeLearn, this CMS tool is easy to use, and updates can be made whenever you need to make them.

Custom-built Websites

Our team can create a website for you that reflects who you are.
From content writers to web designers to experts in search, we can give you the full package. Or, pick and choose what you need. We are certified as a Google partner and expert. We can create Google AdWords ads to boost SEO, conduct an ongoing competitor analysis, or create Facebook ads and blogs to drive key words and terms to your website.

We write it, design it, build it and maintain it and yet the content and design are owned by your practice. With partner Beyond Indigo, our white-glove service includes hosting, unlimited changes to text and photos, training on website administration, email and our help desk with 100% satisfaction rating available 24/7.

Additional Digital Marketing Services

Select options that will optimize your website experience.
Google makes more than 1,200 changes to its search algorithm each year. We’re on top of it. So new clients can find you – easily.

Custom Hospital Logo
The logo development package includes three custom design concepts, tailored to match the tone and personality of your brand. This package also includes up to two rounds of minor revisions to one of the original concepts. Once final, your logo will be provided to you in a variety of file formats so that it can be utilized for digital marketing, print marketing, product branding, and more. Additional concepts are also available for an extra fee.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Basic Local Search package
Initial infrastructure established and maintained for best practices with SEO. Continual monitoring and optimization to keep current with Google changes. Includes monitoring of Google My Business and initial competitor analysis. Local search packages sold only with an ePet Website. Small initial setup fee.

Professional Local Search package
All the features above plus ongoing competitor analysis, specialty keyword targeting and trend analysis. Includes Google My Business, Q/A and reviews. Ideal for practices in competitive environments, specialty practices or those with specific location challenges.

Premier Local Search package
Professional package plus four custom blogs written and posted per month.

Online Review Response package
We will watch for online reviews and post appropriate responses on your behalf, up to 10 responses per month.

Pay-Per-Click Marketing (PPC)

We have packages that can help you find your client and spread the word about your practice.

Basic Google AdWords package
Our starter package for businesses with focused ad needs. Monthly reports and planning. Landing pages extra. Small initial setup fee.

Professional Google AdWords package
More intensive ad management with a moderate budget. Flexible targeting. Perfect for practices in a competitive area or who need a boost to their SEO. Quarterly keyword trend analysis and online ad group support. Two landing pages to support ads. Small initial setup fee.

Premier Google AdWords package
Our full-service offering with intensive targeting and all types of ads. Ongoing ad group support. Especially suited to practices in highly competitive areas, specialty practices, new or newly managed practices. Landing pages as needed. Small initial setup fee.

Social Media

Basic Facebook Ad Management
Facebook ad management includes two campaigns per month. Ads adhere to Facebook standards.


Professional Blogging package
Four custom-written blogs posted each month. Blogs can contain keywords and phrases that bring clients to your site.


Industry terms for those who are experts in the veterinary industry, not necessarily IT.

Short for web log, this content can generate leads to your site.

Words and keywords – the text that forms your website.

CMS tool
Content Management System is your software for managing your site on the back end.

Google AdWords
An online advertising service for brief advertising copy, product listings and video content.

Google My Business
A tool to manage your online presence across Google, including Search and Maps.

The words your client will use to find you online.

Landing page
A page on your site to track incoming clients from digital ads.

Pay-per-click, internet marketing in which advertisers pay a fee each time one of their ads is clicked. Advertisers bid for ad placement in a search engine’s sponsored links.

Automatically resized to be viewable on any device.

Search Engine Optimization, so you rank high on Google searches.

Online Marketing Webinars

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We can help you find the solution that’s right for you.

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