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Delivering peace of mind for practice managers and owners

Like you do for your patients, VetSuccess does for your practice. They help diagnose problems early, provide treatment plans and monitor vitals regularly. VetSuccess unleashes the value of your practice data by providing data-driven practice management solutions.

Membership options include preventive care snapshots, monthly practice performance reports, the RETRIEVER email program to bring back lapsing patients and professional telephone consultations with a CVPM. You'll also have access to marketing tools and weekly tips and advice from industry leaders and colleagues at the By The Numbers blog.

Why VetSuccess?

73.4% of veterinary practice managers and owners value their practice data BUT

60.5% say time interferes with their ability to analyze it*

*2017-member survey

VetSuccess saves you and your team several hours each month, gathering, collating and analyzing data. You can move straight to identifying opportunities and creating action plans. Here's what VetSuccess does for your practice:

your data from your practice software

your codes for accuracy (the secret sauce!)

for key insights

it to you in an easy click

If you don’t have a data extraction tool on your server already (more than 5,000 practices do!) it’s a painless 10 minute exercise. The extraction tool provides the raw data for our analysis engine to create your monthly reports. Rest assured that your data is completely secure: we use 24-bit SSL encryption (the same as your bank) and host data in the same secure way as

Measure and improve compliance

Preventive Care Snapshot (PCS)

How's your practice doing when it comes to preventive medicine? If you're like most practices you don't know, because it's so difficult and time-consuming to figure out.

This unique, "heat map" report clearly identifies how well you're doing in every area of your practice's preventive care protocol by provider, and also includes an appendix of treatments by patient.

NEW! PCS is now available as a monthly report with performance data for the previous month, in addition to the current quarterly rolling 12-month view.

Drive action with powerful business intelligence

Monthly Practice Overview (POR)

This powerhouse report provides an immediate, visual picture of your practice opportunities and KPIs at a glance!

Benchmarks on several key metrics allow you to compare your practice's performance to all other VetSuccess members. Think of it in terms of reviewing lab work results. Benchmarks provide context on how you're really doing, and can help you self-diagnose, self-treat and stay healthy!

With the POR you can:

  • Find out how many new, lost and reactivated clients you have
  • Discover your true client retention numbers
  • See the breakdown of your Professional Services Revenue
  • Review your income trending for the last 12 months
  • Learn how you're performing vs. all other VetSuccess members on forward booking rates, bonding (return rates) and more!

In conjunction with the POR you'll receive:

  • Monthly Lapsing Patient Report Full contact details for clients and patients who haven't been into your practice for 14-18 months, to help plan your outreach efforts.
  • Monthly Lapsing Client Report - includes details for lapsing clients who haven't visited your practice in 14-18 months, in households where all patients are lapsing.

"RETRIEVE" your lapsing patients

This revolutionary automated email program does all the work for you. You don't need to lift a finger! A series of three emails is sent to lapsing patients who have had no transactions in your practice for 14, 16 and 18 months, encouraging them to bring their pet in for a wellness exam.

After six months, practices participating in the RETRIEVER program have earned an average of $15.16 for every $1 spent on the program, with average revenues of $4015.73 from "retrieved" patients.


Polling functionality

Performance Reports

NEW Reporting Details

Sets up an email to your practice for scheduling an appointment.

Lets clients update you on reasons why they’re not making an appointment.

Monthly reports summarize how many emails were sent, how many patients made appointments and additional revenue to your practice.

Includes who received your emails, who came in for an appointment and email bounces.

Your membership includes a free onboarding session!

Maximize the value of your monthly data insights and take advantage of your free 30-minute onboarding session.

In this valuable session, you'll learn:

  • How to take action on your data
  • How to identify opportunities for revenue growth and improving patient care
  • Tips and tricks for using the reports most effectively and efficiently
  • Get free resources and tools to use with your reports

Membership options


Get a Professional Consultation with a CVPM

Enhance the value of your membership with a telephone consultation with a CVPM specially trained in data-driven consultancy. These sessions really help practices identify opportunities, focus in on priorities and develop practical action plans.

Your professional consultation includes:

• A review and analysis of your most recent reports by a professional CVPM, in advance of your consultation.

• A 45-minute telephone or video call with the consultant, to discuss observations, opportunities, action plans and next steps.

• A written report following the consultation that summarizes the consultant's recommendations and includes marked-up reports like the samples on the right.

• VetSuccess report consultations are available at your desired frequency, at a cost of $250

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