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Data-Driven Practice Management Solutions
Save more than 5 hours a month gathering data!

VetSuccess unleashes the value of your practice data by providing data-driven practice management solutions. Membership includes monthly practice performance reports, quarterly preventive care snapshots, professional telephone consultations with a CVPM, marketing tools and weekly tips and advice from industry leaders and colleagues via the By The Numbers blog. And now, VetSuccess helps you bring lapsing patients back to your practice with the new Retriever email program.

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VetSuccess members save more than 5 hours a month gathering and collating data and invest that time in analysis and creating goals and strategies to grow their practices. A telephone consultation with a CVPM really helps crystallize
the story the data is telling, and identifies opportunities and recommends practical action plans and next steps.

"Time management is one of the greatest challenges for practices managers and owners alike. With VetSuccess, you no longer have to spend time gathering data and running multiple reports. Jump straight to analysis and action planning, shaping a clear path forward for your practice."

-Brenda Tassava, CVPM, CVJ, Tassava Consulting

In addition to the charts and graphs that tell you how your practice is doing at a glance, your monthly reports also provide some additional key insights which are most likely not available from your practice management software or other reporting tools. Below are a few examples of unique data visualizations you’ll get, by report:

The Preventive Care Snapshot (PCS)

  • Get an immediate visual on how your practice is performing when it comes to preventive medicine.
  • Obtain full details of treatment by patient from the appendices.
  • Now available by Doctor! This report provides comparative data between providers around each preventive care protocol.

The Practice Overview Report

This recently redesigned report has new charts and KPIs, as well as a visually friendlier layout. The way your data is presented provides an immediate picture of your practice opportunities, at a glance!

  • Find out how many new, lost and reactivated clients you have.
  • Discover your true client retention numbers.
  • See the breakdown of your Professional Services revenue.
  • Review your income trending for the past 12 months.
  • NEW Benchmarks: Now you can compare how your practice is performing against all other VetSuccess members.
  • NEW Bonding Rate KPI: Bonding rate measures what percentage of new clients return for a second visit, and for those who did, how many months passed since their first visit.
  • NEW Forward Booking KPI: A new visualization and benchmark has now been added to the report.

Lapsing Patients and Lapsing Clients Reports

  • Receive full contact details of lapsing clients and patients who haven’t been into your practice in 14-18 months.

Patterson Veterinary's Essentials Plus Package

We are offering the Essentials Plus package (see details below) at $159 per month based on an annual commitment and it includes the following:

  • Monthly Practice Overview Report
  • Monthly Lapsing Patient Report
  • Monthly Lapsing Client Report
  • Quarterly Preventive Care Snapshot
  • NEW Quarterly Preventive Care Snapshot by Doctor
  • One-on-one onboarding session in the first 60-days of receiving the reports
  • One 45-Minute Telephone Consultation per annum, with a CVPM
    trained in data-driven consultancy
  • To learn more about VetSuccess, visit

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NEW! Bring back lapsing patients with the RETRIEVER email program!

Bring lapsing patients back to your practice with this new, automated email program. It’s been alpha and beta tested with extremely positive results. During the 60-day beta test, 12 practices, saw a patient “retrieval” rate of 6.05%, with additional revenue of $32,828.85! And best of all, 161 patients got the care they needed!

Here’s what you’ll get with RETRIEVER, only available to practices subscribed to the Essentials Plus package, for $39 monthly:

  • A series of three emails that encourage pet owners to bring their pets in for a wellness exam. Emails will be automatically sent to those lapsing patients who haven’t had a transaction in your practice for 14, 16 and 18 months.
  • A BOOK NOW button that sets up an email to your practice for scheduling an appointment.
  • For clients who do not want to make an appointment, polling functionality lets them update you on reasons why.
  • A monthly performance report that summarizes how many emails were sent, how many patients made appointments and additional revenue to your practice from the RETRIEVER program.

  • To learn more about RETRIEVER, visit

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