Practice Management Software

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Our practice management software solutions

We have practice management software that meets your needs, whether you fly solo or run multiple locations. We constantly improve and expand our software offering and introduce new platforms to be sure to have a full suite of solutions for you.

Built from the cloud up, NaVetor is the modern, efficient, beautifully easy veterinary practice management software. With NaVetor, a complete balance of design and intelligence gives you the most thoughtful workflow for your day.

IntraVet Classic is our original and most widely used version of IntraVet. Easy to learn and easy to use, it installs onto most current hardware. No need to buy new computers. Complete flexibility lets you customize features to the needs of your business.

IntraVet is our most recent version, with a re-designed user interface on the most recent Microsoft updates. IntraVet is designed for practices that want a more robust platform.

Help from start to finish

Choosing a software platform for your practice is something you don’t have to do alone. A Patterson software specialist can help with a business needs analysis to help you decide which software is right for your practice.

Patterson is also ready to help with data transfer and training. You get a dedicated point of contact to help you with data conversion and training of your staff. Once complete, your practice is assigned a dedicated software specialist for three months to ensure a smooth transition once you’re up and running. You also get help via chat, phone or email.

Learn more about practice management software or call 877.422.8838.