Radiation Detection Badges

For more than 65 years, Patterson Veterinary has helped small animal, equine and mixed animal practices succeed with the best products, consistently outstanding customer service and industry-leading equipment and supplies.

Now, through the partnership of Patterson and Radiation Detection Co. (RDC), you can make your practice safer and more effi cient while gaining advanced control of your occupational radiation monitoring (personnel dosimetry).

RDC provides personnel dosimetry monitoring services worldwide to many industries and organizations, including the veterinary market. RDC also provides the industry standard for online dosimetry account solutions in the form of MyRadCare.

Benefits of Patterson Partnering With RDC
Through this partnership with RDC, your personnel dosimetry is consolidated and simplified.

  • Consolidated billing – no more paying for a year’s worth of service ahead of time; your payment now will be included in yourmonthly Patterson statement
  • Substantial savings – with no hidden fees or surcharges, RDC’s dosimetry monitoring services off er noticeable savings over comparable services
  • MyRadCare web portal – manage your account information online, anytime
  • Reliable partners – RDC was established in 1949 and is approved by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission and accredited by the National Voluntary Laboratory Accreditation Program

Together, Patterson and RDC ensure you’ll always receive the best customer care and business practices that focus on you, and our collective in-house expertise will provide your practice with industry-leading safety.

Now, you get the best of both worlds, together!

Account control at your fingertips

MyRadCare is the online account service that puts you in control of your office’s dosimetry badges by providing a secure, convenient way to safely manage your account anytime, anywhere.

Secure servers ensure all of your information is protected, and MyRadCare is free as part of your service. MyRadCare makes every minute count for your practice.

  • Add or delete wearers in minutes
  • Instant access to view and print reports
  • Create NRC Form 5 Reports in minutes
  • View individual dose history with DoseCheck
  • Display recent orders or schedule new orders
  • Receive email notifications of shipments, unreturned badges and published reports

Three pricing and payment options:

Cost Per Person:


Cost Per Person:

$7.35 BiMonthly

Cost Per Person:

$9.00 Quarterly

Plus, it’s as easy as 1-2-3 to sign up!

  1. Click here to sign up for badge service, register your account and sign up all employees who need dosimetry badges.
  2. Once your account submission is reviewed and approved by Patterson, RDC will ship your first supply of badges.
  3. Billing for the service will be consolidated on your Patterson account. Any changes (frequency of service, employee additions or subtractions, etc.) can be made 24/7 on the MyRadCare website.

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