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Save time and money by automating daily, weekly and monthly tasks. Using reminders is a cost-effective way to increase health service compliance, too.

Health service reminders.

Email, text or both. Sent twice up to 30 days prior to upcoming health schedules and again at 30, 60 and 90 days overdue.

Appointment reminders.

Email, text or both. Sent two days prior to upcoming appointments. Clients can easily confirm with one-click confirmation and your practice will be notified via email.


Newsletters are sent via email and are a timely, cost-effective and efficient method of communication to stay in touch with your clients. Use e-newsletters to introduce new products or services, and share health news and tips. E-newsletters can be personalized using your client’s name and their pet’s name(s), and you can target specific groups of clients based on various patient demographics. Create your own or select from our pre-written templates, which can be used as-is or customized.


Text your clients directly from your computer. Cut down on time spent doing client callbacks and keep your cell phone number private. It’s a simple way to follow up with clients to let them know their pet’s status in a way that doesn’t interrupt a meeting or family time. Let clients know that the surgery went well, that their pet is ready for pickup and more.


We are integrated with LifeLearn ClientEd Online client education articles, which are always updated with the latest medical information and can be easily filtered by species, searched and printed.

Our client education videos are high definition, professionally narrated, fully reviewed by our veterinary team and run four to six minutes. You’ll find more than 60 topics, including basics like administering eye meds or hip dysplasia to more complex topics such as distal radial ulna fracture repair and laryngeal tieback procedure.

With DIA Reception, you can educate clients about common health topics while they wait. This software can be run on a PC or DVD player.


View metrics for all of your client communications and check on client subscribe and unsubscribe statistics. You can also review your enabled communication types at a glance.


A personal touch that lets clients know you care about their pet. Choose from a wide variety of static or animated e-cards.


We have hundreds of educational, veterinarian-authored social media posts that you can use on your social feeds to provide your followers with trusted pet health information.

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