Business Services

Discover solutions that bolster efficiency and drive revenue growth in your practice

Today’s business needs have changed and solutions for finance, marketing and office management are critical to your success.

We’ll support you in building a productive, modern practice. Explore our value-added business services to further advance your practice's development, staffing and growth. 

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Repair & Support

Rest assured we’ll help keep your practice up and running

Providing industry-leading service has long been a pillar of our commitment to customers.

We stand behind our products, equipment and technology with comprehensive support. Highly trained service technicians are just a phone call away:
  • Anesthesia maintenance, repair and exchange, plus a support hotline
  • Small equipment repair at our National Repair Center
  • Local, on-site Tech Edge service technicians
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Financial Services

Get financial solutions you can trust

More flexibility than local banks

From complete practice financing to funding clinic design or equipment purchases, we work with you to assure that your financing needs are met and with the best rates possible.

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Year-end financing for new equipment

Take a step back to diagnose and assess your equipment: the lifeblood of your practice. Then take advantage of exclusive year-end financing rates and start the new year with the new equipment you need for a practice that runs at its peak. The combination of low financing rates, equipment promotions and seasonal tax benefits make this the best season to save. Ends December 31, 2020.

Clinic Design

Work with professionals who will give a thoughtful approach to your practice design

A complimentary service

When it’s time to bringing your dream practice to reality, reach out to our design experts. From planning to referrals, we’ll create a plan to meet your long-term goals and bring your vision to life.


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Marketing Services

Need to boost your marketing efforts?

Promoting your veterinary clinic is complex: pet owners look for reviews, check out websites, ask for recommendations, or simply visit the closest office when looking for companion care. 

Rest assure that when pet owners come through your doors, they’ll already know what sets you apart. Make your practice standout – without breaking your budget.

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Prescription Management

Get the industry’s most trusted home delivery service

We partner with Vetsource® to help you compete in today’s market and run an efficient practice, while providing better patient care through client compliance with home delivery.


Vetsource Home Delivery serves as a virtual extension of your in-house inventory, allowing you to offer a wide- range of food and medications without the high cost of keeping them on hand. You get the resources you need to run a successful online pharmacy – an easy-to-use platform, a time-saving ePrescribing tool and a team of experts that support you every step of the way.


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Radiation Detection

Easily monitor your teams occupational radiation levels.

The Radiation Detection Company is a worldwide leader in personnel dosimetry monitoring services.

Through a combination of software and badges, you can monitor your staff’s dosimetry to ensure safe levels while being OSHA compliant. 

Get a system that’s approved by the National Voluntary Laboratory Accreditation Program.


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