Our Company

Patterson Veterinary serves as a leading distributor of supplies, equipment, technology, vaccines and pharmaceuticals in the U.S. and the U.K. With over 30,000 products from the leading names in veterinary medicine, Patterson supplies companion-pet, equine and mixed-practice clinics.

As part of the progressive, global Patterson Companies family of businesses, Patterson Veterinary draws from an enormous pool of resources to provide expanded services, products, technologies and distribution capabilities. This includes a continual influx of new technology and product and equipment offerings, as well as innovative business solutions to improve efficiency and productivity in veterinary practices.

About Patterson Companies

Patterson Companies is an industry-leading specialty distributor serving the dental and veterinary markets. Driven to meet the needs of healthcare professionals in these growing markets, Patterson provides a total-package approach to doing business. Our customers benefit from a diverse platform of products and services, as well as the convenience and peace of mind that come with relying on one trusted partner for everything they need.

Patterson began trading on the NASDAQ Stock Market in 1992. In 2004, the Company changed its corporate name from Patterson Dental Company to Patterson Companies, Inc., but retained the existing stock symbol (NASDAQ: PDCO).

Strong sense of purpose

Patterson has become a leader in the marketplace by providing superior value for the customer. This reputation for excellence also results from business conduct guided by a core set of values and the belief that how we conduct our business directly affects the operation, efficiency, profitability and reputation of our Company.

Patterson employees hold tightly to our core values of partnership, integrity and innovation.

Our mission is to lead select specialty markets in creating value for our customers and growth for our Company through our products, services, technology and relationships, while providing personal and professional growth for our employees.

Ethical business practice

At Patterson, we seek out employees and business partners who share our integrity, values and high standards for conducting business and whose practices align with our own Code of Ethics.

Patterson reflects and respects the diversity of cultures throughout the world and strives to conduct business in a culturally appropriate manner. Our employees acknowledge compliance with Company policies, the ethical standards and legal requirements of each country in which business is conducted, as well as United States laws that apply in other countries – in a nondiscriminatory manner free from harassment.

Patterson employees are held to the highest standard of ethics as set forth by the Company’s Principles of Business Conduct and Code of Ethics.

Distinct and vibrant Company culture

Our culture is formed by the values we live by each and every day. Our values define our culture.

Patterson’s unique values-based culture centers on talented people taking accountability for delivering results. Because our organization revolves around providing a total-package approach to meeting customer needs, we take pride in delivering products and services to our customers and business partners with utmost integrity and in creating partnerships that are meaningful, straightforward and reliable.

Patterson employees, together with the vision and leadership of our management team, form a unified group of inspired individuals performing job duties in an environment that exudes passion and teamwork – but also respect and dignity.