Brand: Patterson Vet Material: Brass
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Patterson Safety Relief Pop-Off Valve is an option for those who prefer the pop-off valve and occlusion valve as an all-in-one device. The push-button feature acts as the occlusion valve so that the pop-off valve does not need to be closed when administering a breath to the patient.

  • Pressure relieves at 20-25 cm H2O using the push-button to administer a breath
  • Less than 1 cm H2O pressure when fully open
  • Less than 1 cm H2O pressure when fully closed
  • Brass with bright chrome plating
  • Fits any anesthesia machine with 3/4-20 thread
  • Cap included to allow for ventilator use as well as the ability to perform a pressure test without having to close the pop-off valve and hold the button down during the duration of the test

Material: Brass Contains: 1 safety relief pop-off valve with Teflon tape applied to male threads and 1 pop-off valve cap with bead chain Product Type: Safety Relief Pop-Off Valve Brand: Patterson Vet