Size: Large Color: Silver, Blue, Green, Pink Material: Stainless steel
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Dentanomic™ Gold Dental Kits have an innovative modular design that allows for easy replacement of blades or other parts of the instruments without having to replace an entire damaged instrument as with other systems.

  • Blades support two common surgical techniques: elevation and luxation
  • Top quality, hardened, tempered stainless steel, which increases blade effectiveness and makes surgery easier
  • Fits in the palm of the hand with blades that are easily interchangeable and replaceable
  • Both handle options will accommodate all blade sizes and are designed to fit small or large hands
  • Instruments also promote a safer palm grip technique that helps prevent dangerous slips while reducing hand fatigue and repetitive injury to the dental surgeon
  • Instrument handles are ergonomically designed

Size: Large Material: Stainless steel Contains: 5 large ergonomic handles, 4 elevation blades, 5 luxation blades, 1 autoclave tray for handles, 1 autoclave tray for luxation and elevation blades and 1 blade honing pack Color: Silver, Blue, Green, Pink Product Type: Dental Surgery Kit