Package Quantity: 10/Pkg Size: Medium Color: Green
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MantaProp Intraoral Mouth Props are sterile, single use medical devices indicated for use during veterinary intraoral radiography performed under general anesthesia, intended for use by appropriately qualified veterinary professionals only.

  • The veterinary professional is entirely responsible for determining the suitability of its use for any intended clinical application
  • The best prevention of sensor bite failures is to have the patient on a surgical plane of anesthesia; however, in cases where the patient is not fully sedated, the MantaProp Intraoral Mouth Prop provides additional protection to reduce the chance of sensor damage
  • Features a safety tether for pulling the prop from the patient’s mouth, if it is dislodged
  • The tether is optimized for increased patient comfort
  • The small mouth prop is ideal for small to medium-sized patients, while the medium mouth prop is meant for patients with a larger-sized mouth

Package Quantity: 10/Pkg Size: Medium Presentation: Mouth Prop Color: Green Reusability: Disposable Product Type: Dental Mouth Prop Brand: Instrapac MantaProp® Sterile Packaging Type: Packaged Sterile For Use With: For patients with larger-sized mouths