Color: Blue Brand: HoverHeat®
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HoverHeat® Warming Pad provides for a comfortable, tissue-friendly warming surface and allows for low resistance warm airflow underneath the patient.

  • Use for surgical, dental, endoscopy and imaging procedures
  • Use for pre-op, intra-op, and post-op warming
  • 2 HoverHeat units can be connected in series to provide under and over body warming with one warm air blower
  • Will accommodate any warm air blower, making the HoverHeat a low barrier to purchase
  • Levitates the patient
  • Designed to direct warm airflow away from the sterile surgical field
  • No disposable air warming blankets are needed

Contains: 1 of each: Small, Medium, Large HoverHeat warming pad, 1 HoverHeat Connector and 1 HoverHeat Adaptor Color: Blue Reusability: Reusable Brand: HoverHeat® Application: Warming Pad