Package Quantity: 30 4-Packs/Case Overall Dimensions: 35" x 35"
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This sterile pack includes 4 small “corner” drapes with tape, which allows for adherence to the patient without the use of towel clamps, for the first barrier layer between the nonsterile patient and the sterile procedure above.

  • Sterile, in peel pouch
  • Nonwoven barrier material
  • Frees tech time from having to cut drapes from a roll and autoclave
  • Tape secures the drapes to the patient (which are now often towel clamped to the patient’s skin)
  • 4 drapes included in the sterile pack

Package Quantity: 30 4-Packs/Case Sterile: Y Overall Dimensions: 35" x 35" Reusability: Reusable Sterile Packaging Type: Packaged Sterile