Package Quantity: 1/Pkg Size: Medium Brand: Deterra®
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Deterra® Drug Deactivation System is the only independently tested and environmentally sound system to permanently deactivate pills, patches, liquids, creams and films.

  • Deactivates pills, patches, liquids, creams and films
  • Patented three-step system is powered by proprietary organic activated carbon to render drugs inert and safe for disposal in household trash
  • Stand-up pouch makes deactivating unwanted medications easier
  • Helps prevent diversion, misuse, and abuse with proprietary activated carbon, meeting the DEA standards (21 CFR 1300.05) of rendering drugs inert and non-retrievable for all practical purposes.
  • Deactivates any organic medications including opioids
  • Deterra is safe for the environment by providing a onvenient and immediate alternative to flushing, sinking, or discarding medications in the trash, preventing harmful medications from contaminating landfills and water systems
  • Packaging is USDA certified, 50% or more biobased and has received the I’m green™ plastic certification

Package Quantity: 1/Pkg Size: Medium Use: Drug Deactivation Material: I’m Green Polyethylene Maximum Volume Capacity: 6 oz Product Type: Drug Deactivation Pouch Brand: Deterra® Container Capacity: Max Pill Capacity: 45 Max Liquid Capacity: 6 oz Max Patch Capacity: 6 Application: Drug Deactivation