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The Otoscope/Rhino Combo System is an iPhone/iPod compatible videoscope system for otoscopy/rhinoscopy and foreign body removal, including foxtails. It is also helpful during intubation of rabbits and other small animals.

  • This video system provides a high definition image of the anatomy that allows your practice to use quality imaging to pinpoint recurrent or underlying problems inside the ear and nose
  • The videos and still images can then be shared with the client during an exam or via email
  • The endoscope adapter connects to any standard rigid or flexible scope so that images from the scope can be seen on the device screen
  • The perfect combination scope for every veterinary practice
  • Otoscopy: allows for quick and easy inspection of the middle ear, removal of excessive hair and wax, along with examination of the tympanic membrane
  • An invaluable tool for animals with recurrent ear infections
  • Rhinoscopy: utilizing a 6.0 mm zero-degree scope with a working channel enables biopsy, flushing and removal of foreign objects in the nasal cavity
  • Also compatible with Karl Storz, Olympus, Stryker camera and light source
  • iPod Touch or iPhone NOT INCLUDED

Otoscope Type: Video Contains: 1 endoscope adapter that attaches scope to any compatible iPhone/iPod, 1 (320 lumens) LED light with rechargeable lithium battery and charging station, 1 (0°) scope (2.7 mm x 110 mm), 1 otoscope cone sheath (5 Fr x 110 mm channel), 1 rhinoscope sheath (5 Fr x 110 mm channel) with dual on/off saline valves, 1 dual adapter for otoscope cone (enables grasper and saline introduction at the same time), 1 (5 Fr x 260 mm) flexible serrated grasper/biopsy instrument and 1 storage case for the smartScope components Product Type: Video otoscope/rhinoscope system For Use With: iPhone 6+, iPhone 6S