Package Quantity: 1/Pkg Color: Gray
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The Smart Block is an innovative design with the hoof glue being channeled through an inlet port on the bottom to exit ports on top to evenly distribute the glue in the proper amount.

  • Saves glue: Exact same amount of glue every time
  • Saves time: The glue reaches the hoof and the block at exactly the same time, eliminating any wasted curing time
  • Soft but tough material gives flexibility and comfort
  • Durable enough to maintain its structure and shape throughout the healing process
  • Raised area of block is a glue-free zone located on the back inside corner, ensuring no glue touches the soft spot of the inner heel
  • Blocks are less likely to fall off prematurely because glue is “anchored” to the block through the “Y” shaped glue canals
  • Makes glue warmer for faster curing and less waiting
  • Color coded: Left – gray; Right – green blocks
  • Works with standard polyurethane glue adhesives or cartridges

Package Quantity: 1/Pkg Color: Gray