Package Quantity: 1/Pkg Color: Blue Overall Dimensions: 24" W x 11 yd
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Eco-Drape Surgical Fabric from Millpledge allows patient’s body to breath while maintaining an effective barrier.

  • High Tensile and Durability Strength – Resistant to tearing
  • Outstanding Barrier Performance – Highly efficient and proven against both air and fluid-borne bacteria during use and storage
  • Exceptional Fluid and Alcohol Repellence – Surface absorbency avoids immediate ‘run off’, yet excellent wetting resistance to fluid penetration prevents ‘strike through’
  • Sterilizable by all known methods – The construction allows complete penetration by steam, ethylene oxide and gamma irradiation
  • Soft and Comfortable – Conforms easily around all body contours

Package Quantity: 1/Pkg Overall Width: 24" Sterile: N Overall Dimensions: 24" W x 11 yd Color: Blue Overall Length: 11 yd