Package Quantity: 12 x 1 ml Volume: 1 ml Presentation: Liquid
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Eastern, Western and Venezuelan equine encephalomyelitis, influenza, rhinopneumonitis (EHV-1 and EHV-4) and tetanus.

Color Of Medicine: Opaque Volume: 1 ml Package Quantity: 12 x 1 ml Presentation: Liquid Container Type: Preloaded Syringe Delivery Type: Injection Reconstitution Required: N Biological Type: Killed Diseases Indicated For: Eastern Encephalomyelitis (EEE), Tetanus, Equine Rhinopneumonitis (EHV-1 and EHV-4), Equine Influenza Types A1 and A2, Western Encephalomyelitis (WEE), Venezuelan Encephalomyelitis (VEE)