Package Quantity: 12/Pkg Color: Violet Brand: Pivetal® WebMax™
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The Cobra Black™ needle is a patent pending design that enhances visibility especially in blood and smaller surgery sites. Eliminates the hindering glare from the O.R. lighting and be able to distinguish it better than bright steel needles.

  • Violet monofilament polydioxanone
  • Synthetic absorbable suture
  • BSR profile: 75% at 14 days, 66% at 28 days, 53% at 42 days
  • Absorption rate: 180 days

Product Alert: The appearance of this product is changing but all information including item numbers, suture codes, and product name will remain the same. Depending on your location, you may receive Patterson OR Pivetal branded product until inventory of the Patterson Vet Brand is depleted – rest assured the quality of this product is still the same.

Package Quantity: 12/Pkg Sterile: Y Needle Included: Y Absorbable: Y Suture Size: 0 Material: Polydioxanone Needle Code: CP-1 Color: Violet Overall Length: 30" MFG Suture Code: D467C Brand: Pivetal® WebMax™