QuickBayt® Spot Spray

3 oz


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Spray Bottle
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Imidacloprid 10%, Z-9 Tricosene 0.1%
3 oz
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Surface Spray


Spray can be applied on virtually any surface in and around hobby and recreational farms and rural environments where house flies congregate - cattle, sheep and goat facilities, dog kennels and horse stables

  • Easy to apply
  • Spray on a variety of surfaces such as walls, post, beams, ceilings and other areas where flies tend to rest
  • In animal facilities and protected areas residual efficacy can last up to 6 weeks unless the bait is completely consumed
  • Treats places conventional granular baits can't reach
  • Quick-acting and long-lasting control
  • Contains two attractants: muscalure and flavoring agient that flies can't resist
  • Contains Bitrex®, a bittering agent to help prevent ingestion by non-target animals, children and pets
  • Best results occur when the product is applied to many locations throughout the facility
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