Package Quantity: 200/Pkg Brand: Optiva
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Smiths medical’s optiva® I.V. Catheter provides superior insertion and ease of use by featuring an electropolished “v” point needle, finely tapered catheter shoulders, thin walled construction, radiopacity and incorporates ocrilon® polyurethane catheter tubing. Ocrilon® polyurethane is firm upon insertion of the cannula, then softens to conform in the vein. Ocrilon® is a clear, radiopaque polyurethane, allowing for easy flashback visualization. A comparative, randomized clinical study of the risk factors for infusionrelated phlebitis found ocrilon® polyurethane catheter material to reduce the risk of phlebitis by nearly 60% as compared with fep polymer (relative risk = 0.41;p = 0.007).* these catheters are also available in a sideport version hub as optiva®2 I.V. Catheters. For more information please contact your country account representative. *stebor a.D. Liao j. M.D.Ph.D, department of epidemiology and biostatistics, university of south Florida. A peripheral catheter indwell study comparing phlebitis rates between two different catheter materials.

Package Quantity: 200/Pkg Catheter Gauge: 22 Gauge Catheter Length: 1" Catheter Material: FEP Polymer Brand: Optiva Hub Type: Straight