Size: Small Brand: JorVet
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Jorvet GI maGIc beads. Is that a GI foreign body or not? Liquid barium is useful for diagnosing suspected GI foreign bodies on radiographs. However, partial obstruction can be difficult to interpret on radiographs even with barium. The use of radiographic markers before barium administration can be really useful in suspected foreign bodies, invasive neoplasia, or gastric motility disorders such as HEUS.

  • Radiopaque small beads of 1.5 mm and 4.7 mm diameter
  • Stainless noncorrosive inert material

Size: Small Contains: 2 small gelatin capsules with (30 x 1.5 mm) beads and (10 x 4.7 mm) beads; total of 5 doses For Animal Type: Cat, Small Dogs Product Type: Small Gi Magic Bead Brand: JorVet Application: X-ray & Imaging For Use With: X-ray Systems